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Baby-led Weaning: The fuss-free way to introduce solid foods

Baby-led weaning is all over the web these days - just try Googling it and you'll see what I mean. Lots of parents who are enjoying BLW with their baby have set up blogs to share their experiences (so many that I couldn't even begin to list them all) and most of the major parenting forums and chat rooms have threads on BLW. When it comes to a 'new' idea you can't beat first-hand information from those who are doing it!

The links below are to just a few of the larger websites you can visit for information, discussion and a treasure trove of useful tips from parents who've implemented, or are following, BLW, including the biggest of the English-speaking Facebook pages devoted to it and several non-English websites. Many of these have further links to other sites and blogs, so this is just to get you started. Please note that I have no control over what is said on these sites but I believe that those who run them truly embrace the philosophy of BLW.

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