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Baby-led Weaning: The fuss-free way to introduce solid foods

Baby-Led Weaning: Helping your baby to love good food
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Tracey Murkett and I wrote Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food in 2008. It was, and still is, the definitive book on baby-led weaning. It explains why it makes absolute sense to introduce babies to solid foods this way. It's full of tips for how to use BLW with your baby - and what to expect when you do. So far it has been translated into 20 languages - and, in 2019, it was updated! The second edition is available now, in both UK and US versions. As before, the text in both is almost identical, so if you already have a copy of the UK version, you don't need the American one. Of course, research into the foods babies need is ongoing, and recommendations change (and books become outdated) as a result. Always check with your friendly neighbourhood health professional for the latest guidelines about which foods to offer at what age.

If you're looking for simple ideas for family meals that your baby can share, our second book, The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook (UK edition, hardback), published in November 2010, is for you. It's a compilation of recipes sent to us by BLW parents, with just enough basic information about BLW to enable anyone who hasn't read the first book to give it a go. In the USA the Cookbook is available in both hardback and paperback.

Baby-led Breastfeeding: How to get breastfeeding to work with your baby's help is an up-to-date 'how to' book that will help you to get breastfeeding to work for you. If you prefer diapers to nappies, go for the US edition.

Baby-led Parenting: The easy way to nurture, understand and connect with your baby is full of tips and suggestions that will help you to get to know your baby and interpret what he needs, helping you adjust easily to being a parent.

Our latest book, The Baby-led Weaning Quick & Easy Recipe Book, came out in August 2017. It's a great mix of fast, simple recipes for wholesome family food that everyone will enjoy. (Please note that in the USA this book was originally titled The Baby-led Weaning Family Cookbook but has now been renamed The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook, Volume 2.)

Order our books direct from Amazon by clicking on the links below - the first six buttons are for the UK editions and the others are the American ones. You can order the Polish edition of Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food from within the UK here.



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