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Baby-led Weaning: The fuss-free way to introduce solid foods

Baby-Led Weaning: Helping your baby to love good food
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Q & A and useful info

This page is where I post answers to common questions, as well as other bits of useful information.

Please note that I’m not in a position to offer advice for individual babies, so all of these posts are a general discussion of that topic. If your baby has, or may have, a condition or illness that requires a different approach, be sure to follow the recommendations of the health professionals who know you both.

Defining BLW

Response to 2016 NZ study

How early is too early?

Sitting upright

Breastmilk vs. solids

My baby isn't a good eater

Challenging behaviour #1 - throwing food

Challenging behaviour #2 - unhappy in high chair


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